Testing New Filament

Testing New Filament

Occasionally you may see us posting pictures and videos of prints in a filament we do not have listed for purchase.  There is a reason for that.  We need to test new to us filaments before we decide if we want to carry it.  Availability also plays a big role in if we can carry a certain brand or color.  

We pre-ordered a few amazing colors a couple months ago and the restock date keeps getting pushed back.  It is frustrating because we generally like this type of filament, but we can not guarantee we would ever be able to get more if we ran out.  

The types of filaments will be used for our Ready to Ship items over on our Etsy page, or for items purchased in person at vendor events.


We recently have found Ziro.  We purchased a sample 4 pack from them.  The first one is a gradient color translucent filament.  Each color is based off of one of the four seasons.  

So far we have printed a Wish Spirit in the Summer Filament.  There was a little bit of stringing but the print came out really nice.  We currently have a Koi fish printing in Autumn and a Clover Dragon in Spring.  I can  update after they are finished with quality.  

The second four pack we purchased are dual color matte filaments by Eryone.  The sample pack comes with yellow/purple, blue/yellow, blue/purple and green/purple.  I have not taken them all out of their packages yet to photograph them.  

Although we do have some other filaments that look very similar, we chose to try these out because we are not completely satisfied with them.  Quantum is a good quality but is extremely expensive.  GNVTNTP had a good price with a large selection, but the prints do not come out as clean as we would like them to be.  We have had many issues with under extruding as well as the final prints breaking due to the filament being brittle.  

We currently have an Elephant printing in Eryone purple/blue.  I am crossing my fingers that this will turn out better than some of our last prints and we will want to make the switch to Eryone.  

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